General informations

LEC Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Jiří Lamač and Martin Másílko. Long professional careers of both founders in the fields of microprocessor electronics and information technologies preceded the establishment of the company. Jiří Lamač has created several unique projects; the modernisation of turbine regulators for ČEZ (Czech Power Works) is among the most interesting ones. Since our establishment, we have successfully carried out some extensive and technically challenging projects. We have without doubt proved our technological competence and above all the ability to meet our obligations.

We specialise in the design, development and production of microprocessor electronics.
We prefer to use the latest technologies for our projects. Our aim is to be always among the best ones.
We are experts in solving problems of our customers. We will consider your demands and propose the optimal manner of satisfying them. We cooperate with you from the very first idea all the way to servicing the already developed devices.

How do we work?
You can come to us with a distinct idea or just a general notion. We shall propose several alternatives of solving the problem. Together we shall choose the most appropriate one. We shall prepare a detailed plan and, after your approval, develop the requested device. The projects are usually priced in advance and we carry the possible risks. We approach each customer individually and pay great attention to discreetness and mutual confidence. A good reputation and excellent relations with our customers are the principle.

We will gladly do for you:
  • Analysis, a conceptual or detailed design for the development of your electronic or microcomputer system
  • A development or manufacturing project
  • The development of the device itself
  • Firmware for one-chip computers and signal processors
  • Development of the managing PC-software for your product
  • Production of prototype and the consequential manufacturing of the product
  • Complete production documentation
  • Installation and debugging of the product
  • Consultations and training of your experts
  • Service during, as well as after the guarantee period

Certification of the company:
  • In the year 2009, we were admitted by National Security Authority to certification to the "Confidential" level.
  • In the year 2006, we were admitted by certification company CQS to certification of quality management systems according to EN ISO 9001:2009 under document number CQS 2264/2008.
Our Vision of the Future:
We want to be on the top level in the field of design, development and production of microprocessor electronics.
Our main aim is to form and maintain perfect partnership on the Czech and the foreign markets. We want our customers to come back to us with pleasure and confidence.
We aspire to be at the highest available technological level. We shall keep on equipping our laboratory with the most modern measuring technique. Software tools for design, development, simulation, programming and testing are continuously being developed. We are adopting the BGA and mBGA technologies and planning to use the FlipChip technology. Regarding gate arrays, we focus on using components of high capacities and frequencies. Such innovations will allow us to meet the wishes and ideas of our customers much better.